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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Teaching Large Classes

Teaching Large Classes

For faculty who are teaching large (or larger) classes, the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL) is providing resources and suggestions to help WSU faculty and instructors teach large or larger classes. We hope you find useful strategies to support teaching and learning in this context.

We offer a selection of resources, so that instructors can find a specific technique they might like to implement or refine, something that suits their course, context, and teaching style. Most instructors prefer to focus on one or two areas to change, rather than trying to implement many changes at the same time. We recommend that instructors pilot new activities in a low stakes context, especially if they involve a new technology – minimize the points and grading burden as you smooth out the wrinkles.

Some of your best resources are other instructors; have conversations with them about how they are addressing the challenges you face or the questions you have. If you have additional resources, please contact us.

Tips and Resources

A collection of tips from ATL and selected online resources to help you as you prepare for and teach larger classes:


Three well-known and practical guides that many faculty and instructors have found useful:

  • Heppner, F. (2007). Teaching Large College Classes: A Guidebook for Instructors with Multitudes
  • McKeachie, W. J. and Sviniki, M. (2010). McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers (13th ed.)
  • Stanley, C.A. and Porter, M.E. (2002). Engaging Large Classes: Strategies and Techniques for College Faculty

Other Resources