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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Syllabus Design Workshop

Designing a Syllabus to Enhance Student-Faculty Relationships and Decrease Workload

2019 Faculty Workshops with Dr. Anna Plemons
and Amy Nusbaum

A syllabus can promote student belonging and decrease faculty workload by using warm language and visual elements. In this three-hour workshop, Dr. Anna Plemons (CLASP Director) and Amy Nusbaum (CLASP Faculty Fellow) will share recent research demonstrating that using visual elements can establish positive student-faculty relations before a course even begins, as well as discuss how warm language can be incorporated into syllabi. The inclusion of these same elements also reduces faculty workload by increasing students’ ease-of-use and general confidence in navigating this key course tool.

  • Open to all WSU faculty and instructors of 100 or 200 level courses, teams welcome
  • Lunch is included

Details & Registration

Workshop Offerings:
– May 13, 10am-1pm
– May 14, 10am-1pm

CUE 518, Pullman Campus

Register by 4/26


Research shows that student belonging is a key aspect of student retention, especially for underrepresented students. A holistic approach to increasing student belonging includes the careful construction of all documents related to the course, including the syllabus.

In this workshop, participants will explore ways to revise their own syllabi while still adhering to departmental and institutional standards. Additionally, faculty will be introduced to research-based principles of multimodal syllabus design and, in a collaborative setting, explore discipline-specific possibilities for multimodal design as well as the technical tools and templates that make redesign easy. Instructors will leave with improved syllabi that better promote learning by all students, as well as resources to guide them in the creation of future syllabi.

Sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning