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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Designing Effective Capstone Assignments Workshop

Designing Effective Capstone Assignments: 

Strengthening Learning, Improving Success

One-day Faculty Development Workshop — May 12, 2017

This interactive workshop will focus on one of the most important challenges in undergraduate education today: providing students with opportunities to connect and integrate the various elements of their learning. This means making connections across courses, within the major and/or between general education and the major, connecting academic coursework and work, citizenship, and personal life. Such connections do not happen automatically; they require intentionally designed experiences–including assignments–that help students integrate their learning.

The workshop is especially intended for faculty who have taught a capstone course — or similar culminating experience course for seniors — and are interested in refining the assignment. Each participant will share a capstone assignment of their choice in a collaborative small group workshop setting, and leave with ideas about how to refine their assignment.

All capstone instructors are welcome to attend this workshop — a one-day version of the popular two-day culminating assignment design workshop with Dr. Pat Hutchings offered in May 2016.


Registration is now closed


CUE 518, Pullman campus
9:30am – 3:30 pm, with lunch provided




Feedback from the 2016 Workshop with Dr. Pat Hutchings:

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate, learn, and share. This was a very worthwhile endeavor.”

“This was a fantastic experience. My teaching (and students!) will both benefit immensely.”

“Really a helpful, rewarding experience. I learned a lot that I can apply to my other classes also.”

“I came away with a much better understanding of capstone courses and their purpose.”

Washington State University