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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Writing Your Program Report

Writing Your Annual Program Assessment Report

Each WSU undergraduate degree program reports annually on its assessment.

For Assessment Coordinators

2016 Undergraduate Assessment Reporting Materials

Note: ATL strongly recommends downloading and saving the form(s) below to your computer before adding information to the form(s). Then, fill in a “test” line of text and attempt to save, to check that information is saved in the form.

Reporting Deadline: June 1, 2016

To turn in your report or ask any questions about the report, please contact an assessment specialist.

Support for Program Reporting

The staff at the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL) are available to answer your questions, assist in developing your assessment plan, and help assessment coordinators complete the report. ATL can:

  • Meet with college assessment committees and programs to plan assessment; help answer FAQs
  • Provide resources: tools, samples, and worksheets in online Assessment Toolkits
  • Provide workshops or trainings in colleges for assessment coordinators, chairs, and staff
  • Help facilitate discussions of the data generated by assessment and ways to use it
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