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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Writing Your Program Report

Writing Your Annual Program Assessment Report

Each WSU undergraduate degree program reports annually on its assessment.

For Assessment Coordinators

2018 Undergraduate Assessment Reporting Materials

The 2018 Annual Assessment Reports for Undergraduate Degree Programs will be collected online using Qualtrics, due by June 1, 2018. The planning sheet below contains a copy of the questions from the 2018 Annual Assessment Report for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Qualtrics and is intended to be used as an optional planning sheet to help assessment coordinators and/or program leadership develop their reports prior to submission.

Note: This planning sheet is not to be used for submission. Each degree program’s assessment coordinator will receive an email from ATL with a unique link to their Qualtrics report form; if you have questions, please contact for assistance. 

Reporting Deadline: June 1, 2018

For assistance or to ask any questions about the report, please contact an assessment specialist.

Support for Program Reporting

ATL staff are available to answer your questions, assist in developing your assessment plan, and help assessment coordinators complete the report. ATL can:

  • Help answer FAQs About Assessment Reporting
  • Meet with college assessment committees and programs to plan assessment
  • Provide resources and samples to help assessment coordinators complete the report (see above planning sheet and sample entries)
  • Provide annual assessment report writing workshops to support assessment coordinators in completing their annual assessment report