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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Program Assessment Reporting

Annual Program Assessment Reports

WSU undergraduate degree programs report annually on assessment, submitting a report to ATL as well as college leadership and contacts on other campuses that offer the degree. Assessment allows programs to examine matters of vital interest, including curriculum design, instructional effectiveness, and student development. Assessment results can provide information to guide decisions that faculty and administration regularly make to continually improve their programs and courses.

Deadline: June 1st

Based on widespread feedback from faculty, the Liaison Council for Undergraduate Assessment and ATL set a reporting deadline of June 1st.

Support for Assessment Reporting

ATL provides an undergraduate assessment report form and offers report workshops and other support to programs, see Writing your Program Report for more information. ATL can:

Reporting Goals

Reporting annually on program assessment furthers several goals:

  • Helps programs take stock of their assessment activities, processes, and results; assists in identifying needs and organizing next steps.
  • Documents the development of useful and sustainable program assessment.
  • Serves as an institutional inventory, providing a snapshot of current assessment activities within colleges and institution-wide.
  • Contributes to WSU’s regional accreditation requirements under the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Program Assessment Report Summaries

  • WSU: Information from annual program assessment reports are compiled to provide summaries of undergraduate program assessment at WSU. This information is shared with WSU leadership, helps inform WSU-wide goals and helps ATL prioritize where support is needed.
  • Colleges: Results are compiled for each college to provide a snapshot of assessment in the college and shared for discussion with college leadership.