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Washington State University Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning

OAI Reorganization and Revisioning

The Office of Assessment and Innovation is undergoing reorganization and revisioning, in accordance with WSU’s plans to meet the university-wide budget reduction announced in December 2010.  OAI’s website will soon be transitioning to our new mission and providing related information.

We will be in contact with college leadership and undergraduate program assessment liaisons about moving forward with assessment to usefully inform the institution and programs, and look forward to the year’s first Liaisons Council meeting scheduled for January 11.

Kimberly Green
Director, Office of Assessment and Innovation

Accreditation Progress Report

In June 2009 the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) reaffirmed WSU’s regional accreditation. At that time, WSU was asked by the Commission to provide responses to three recommendations, which it did in October 2010. (Find the Progress Report and more information about WSU’s 2009 NWCCU accreditation at

In the process of developing part of WSU’s response, The Office of Assessment and Innovation worked with 58 undergraduate programs to develop and assess reports of each programs student learning outcomes assessment activities.

Washington State University