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Washington State University Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Assessment Toolkit Under Construction

Summer faculty fellows Rachel Halverson (Associate Professor, Foreign Languages) and Theresa Jordan (Clinical Faculty, History) are working with us to develop materials for an Assessment Toolkit to support undergraduate programs as they plan, implement, and report assessment of student learning.

Undergraduate Program Assessment Inventory, Institution-wide

Institution-wide, this spring WSU undergraduate programs are doing assessment inventories designed to provide:

  • A baseline of the kinds of data collected in each program, each college, and the institution to show where programs have common assessment activities and needs.
  • Easily digestible results that can be used to help optimize the efficiency and impact of assessment activities, streamline and leverage common efforts and avoid duplication of efforts.
  • A useful institutional overview of assessment activities at WSU.  This overview can be reported to our regional accreditor and inform decisions OAI will make about ways to support program assessment.

Upgrade to Online Course Evaluations in Skylight Survey System

Spring semester, 2011

  • Improved delivery of online course evaluations using a universal url and single sign-on for students.
  • Improved reporting of online course evaluation results allows us to more quickly produce reports for current users this spring.

Fall semester, 2011

  • Contact us starting in July if your college or department would like to start using online course evaluations this fall.  We’ll provide templates; consult on course evaluation design; and train a staff member from your college or department on logistics for delivering course evaluations and retrieving reports.
  • Improvements are in development to streamline access to secure reports in fall.

New Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning works with colleges and programs on assessment of student learning and continuous improvement of undergraduate academic programs.

Core Functions

The Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning works with colleges and programs to:

    • Develop and implement useful, sustainable, effective assessment systems and interpret results.
    • Develop and deploy best practices in assessment to improve teaching and learning.
    • Design, manage and interpret web-based course evaluations and surveys.
    • Meet assessment requirements for regional accreditation and academic program review

The Office also:

  • Provides technical operations and support for WSU’s assessment system (web-based course evaluations, surveys and rubrics, currently in Skylight Survey System).
  • Facilitates sharing assessment resources among the colleges and programs, including best practices in learning outcomes assessment, interpretation of student data, and faculty professional development.
  • Serves as the central unit to compile and synthesize undergraduate academic assessment reports to contribute to WSU’s regional accreditation requirements (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities) and align reporting with academic program review (Higher Education Coordinating Board for the State of Washington).

OAI Reorganization and Revisioning

The Office of Assessment and Innovation is undergoing reorganization and revisioning, in accordance with WSU’s plans to meet the university-wide budget reduction announced in December 2010.  OAI’s website will soon be transitioning to our new mission and providing related information.

We will be in contact with college leadership and undergraduate program assessment liaisons about moving forward with assessment to usefully inform the institution and programs, and look forward to the year’s first Liaisons Council meeting scheduled for January 11.

Kimberly Green
Director, Office of Assessment and Innovation

Accreditation Progress Report

In June 2009 the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) reaffirmed WSU’s regional accreditation. At that time, WSU was asked by the Commission to provide responses to three recommendations, which it did in October 2010. (Find the Progress Report and more information about WSU’s 2009 NWCCU accreditation at

In the process of developing part of WSU’s response, The Office of Assessment and Innovation worked with 58 undergraduate programs to develop and assess reports of each programs student learning outcomes assessment activities.

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