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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning ATL Assessment Digest

ATL Assessment Digest

ATL Assessment Digest is a bite-sized monthly email intended to communicate news and resources to help undergraduate programs implement good assessment practices and leverage available resources.

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Office of Assessment of Teaching & Learning
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November 2019
Celebrating Assessment Excellence at WSU
On November 6th, the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL), Interim Provost Bryan Slinker, and Vice Provost Mary F. Wack hosted the second Celebration of Assessment Excellence, shining a spotlight on good practices in learning outcomes assessment and the efforts of program faculty, faculty assessment coordinators, chairs, and directors.

At the event, Vice Provost Wack was delighted to recognize 13 undergraduate programs for:
  • collecting measures aligned with program-level student learning outcomes,
  • engaging faculty in discussing the assessment results, and
  • using this assessment evidence to guide decisions about curriculum and /or instruction.

  • The event's program illuminated how effective assessment contributes to WSU's educational quality, student achievement, and land-grant mission in varying disciplines and over multiple campuses.


    WSU-wide Assessment Summary Available
    WSU's undergraduate degree programs report annually on their system of assessing student learning. See the 2019 WSU-wide Summary of Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment Reports for snapshot of program assessment at WSU.

    Examples of Use of Assessment
    Assessment may guide decision-making related to curriculum and instruction, or other aspects of the program, including assessment processes. See examples of the many ways WSU programs use assessment.
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