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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning ATL Assessment Digest

ATL Assessment Digest

ATL Assessment Digest is a bite-sized monthly email intended to communicate news and resources to help undergraduate programs implement good assessment practices and leverage available resources.

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Office of Assessment of Teaching & Learning
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February 2019
Spotlight: Using NSSE Results to Assess the Student Experience
Every two years, WSU participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) to help assess student engagement in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development. In collaboration with Institutional Research, ATL disaggregated 2017 WSU NSSE results by major for undergraduate academic degree programs and colleges.

The School of Molecular Biosciences (SMB) has used the 2017 NSSE responses from their seniors to identify program strengths and set priorities for improvement, as well as corroborate the results of other assessment measures.

Learn how SMB used these results on ATL’s blog.


Help Promote NSSE
NSSE 2019 opens on Feb 28. Display NSSE messaging in your classroom or office with downloadable NSSE promo kits.

WSU Qualtrics Summit
While not focused specifically on assessment, the WSU Qualtrics Summit, Feb 18-19, may provide insight into how to use Qualtrics to enhance the student experience.
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