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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Key Assessment Elements

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) represent core skills and knowledge students should develop through a curriculum or program of study. SLOs provide students and faculty with a framework for understanding goals and expectations. WSU faculty provide students with SLOs at multiple levels, including university-wide, program-level, and course-level.

WSU’s Seven Learning Goals of Undergraduate Education

All undergraduates, regardless of major, are expected to meet WSU’s Seven Learning Goals of Undergraduate Education, which identify core skills and knowledge that students should develop through their undergraduate studies. WSU’s Seven Learning Goals are faculty developed and expressed broadly so as to frame study in the major as well as in general education. While courses in WSU’s general education curriculum (UCORE) are designed to advance WSU’s Seven Learning Goals, undergraduate degree programs also engage students in meeting WSU’s Seven Learning Goals (with some variation based on disciplinary focus). While degree programs are responsible for identifying their own program-level outcomes and assessment processes within frameworks of good practice, all WSU undergraduate degrees align their program-level student learning outcomes with WSU’s Seven Learning Goals (with some variation based on disciplinary focus).

Program-level Student Learning Outcomes

Each of WSU’s academic degree programs has developed student learning outcomes that capture what they want students to learn in their curriculum or program of study. Through the achievement of program-level student learning outcomes, students demonstrate specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities in the discipline, as well as disciplinary achievement of some of WSU’s Seven Learning Goals, as appropriate to the disciplinary focus, through depth of study within the chosen academic field. Each degree program provides their learning outcomes to students in the WSU Catalog and on departmental websites.

Course-level Student Learning Outcomes

For any course taught/offered at WSU, a course syllabus must contain student learning outcomes, and a method of assessing them. For more information, see Required Syllabus Elements.

Assessment Workshops

By Request
ATL also offers interactive workshops focusing on program-level student learning outcomes to WSU faculty and departments, adapted to meet goals, needs, and contexts. For more information, see our Workshops page or contact us.