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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Indicators of Quality for Indirect Measures

Indicators of Quality for Program-level Indirect Measures

The Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning works with WSU programs to develop indirect measures that provide meaningful and useful data. Below are some indicators of quality for indirect measures.

  • Measures address program-level student learning outcomes (may also target course-level SLOs) / how the curriculum enables students to achieve the learning outcomes.
  • Measures are faculty designed or approved.
  • Some measures are collected at the senior level, near graduation—at least one direct measure and one indirect measure.
  • Measures are designed so that the results of different measures could potentially complement/inform each other.
  • Measures are collected at regular intervals (i.e., every year, every other year) and are not episodic.
  • Measures include adequate representation of students and take into consideration other issues that might impact getting reasonably good and useful results.
  • Results are analyzed, archived and regularly available to faculty and chair/director.
  • Measures involve all campuses offering the degree (including online), students, and instructors.
  • Measures address/are appropriate for all degree options.
  • Measures, collection, and analysis are designed to be sustainable.
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