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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Assessment Plans

What to Include in an Assessment Plan

While the structure and format of assessment plans varies as appropriate to the program and discipline, plans typically include:

  • Overall purposes and/or framework for program assessment — Describe what information the program hopes to learn from assessment and/or the framework faculty are using for assessment (e.g., look at two learning outcomes at a time, cycling through all learning outcomes or specific questions they are trying to answer about student achievement).
  • Student learning outcomes and curriculum map — Include the program’s student learning outcomes, and make use of your curriculum map showing where outcomes are addressed in the curriculum to determine where assessment can occur.
  • Description of measures — Describe or list the program’s direct and indirect measures.
  • Timeline for assessment — Include a specific timeline for the current year, noting key program assessment-related events, to establish a manageable schedule.
  • Assessment role and responsibilities — Indicate who will be involved in the program’s assessment, including who will collect assessment data, analyze assessment data, present results to faculty, and be involved in making recommendations based on assessment data. ATL has suggested roles and responsibilities for assessment which may aid planning. Contacts should be identified for all campuses offering the degree.

Assessment Plan Template

To support assessment planning, ATL provides an assessment planning template and ATL-produced model assessment plans. Program assessment coordinators may wish to adapt all or parts of a given model to develop or enhance their assessment plan. For additional examples of assessment plans from WSU programs, see WSU Examples of Assessment Plans.

ATL-produced Assessment Plan TemplateA WORD doc that serves as a generic assessment plan template for WSU programs, modifiable
ATL-produced Model Assessment Plan 1This basic ATL-produced WORD doc model assessment plan includes a brief narrative overview, a 2-semester calendar of assessment activities, and tables outlining current and previous year assessment measures/cycles
ATL-produced Model Assessment Plan 2This basic ATL-produced WORD doc model assessment plan is organized around investigating one or more questions related to program learning outcomes achievement