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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans at WSU

An assessment plan describes a program’s process and timeline for collecting and analyzing assessment data. An assessment plan can provide the purpose of a program’s assessment, as well as specific assessment questions. Plans typically include the program’s student learning outcomes, a curriculum map, the assessment team, a description of assessment measures, and a timeline. The structure of assessment plans varies, as appropriate to the program and discipline.

What to Include in an Assessment Plan:

  • Overall purposes for program assessment — Describe what information the program hopes to learn from assessment.
  • Student learning outcomes and curriculum map — Include the program’s student learning outcomes, how outcomes are covered in the curriculum, and where assessment could happen in the curriculum.
  • Description of measures — Describe or list the program’s indirect and direct measures.
  • Timeline for assessment — Include a specific timeline for the upcoming year and a more general timeline for one to three years.
  • Assessment team — Indicate who will be involved in the program’s assessment, including who will collect assessment data, who will analyze assessment data, and who will present results to faculty, and who will be involved in making recommendations based on assessment data. ATL has suggested roles and responsibilities for assessment which may aid planning. Contacts should be identified for all campuses offering the degree.
  • Records and archive — Describe where assessment materials and data will be stored and who will be responsible for maintaining archives and who will have access to the data. See ATL’s Basic Assessment Archives for Degree Programs for a general approach.

Resources for Assessment Plans

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