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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning FAQs About Assessment Reporting

How do annual reports help the university?

Annual reports serve as an institutional inventory, providing a snapshot of current assessment activities within colleges and the institution as a whole. Annual assessment reporting also contributes to WSU’s regional accreditation requirements under the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). For more information, see Annual Program Assessment Reporting.

How do annual reports help programs?

Assessment reports help programs take stock of their assessment activities, processes, and results. Through preparing the annual report, programs may identify needs and organize next steps.

Which WSU programs need to submit annual assessment reports?

All academic undergraduate programs that offer a degree need to submit an annual assessment reports. For questions about specific programs or degrees contact ATL.

Do graduate programs need to report on assessment?

Yes, graduate programs also need to report regularly on their program-level assessment. See the Graduate School website for details.

Do undergraduate programs need to submit an assessment report every year?

Yes, every degree program reports annually on its assessment.

What is done with the annual assessment reports?

  • Institution-wide: Annual results are compiled to provide a snapshot of undergraduate program assessment at WSU. This information is shared with institutional leadership and contributes to WSU’s regional accreditation report. Results also help inform WSU’s assessment goals and help ATL prioritize where support is needed. See WSU-Wide Program Assessment Summaries.
  • Colleges and Campuses: Results are compiled for each college and campus to provide a snapshot of assessment for discussion with college or campus leadership.
  • Samples: ATL contacts programs to ask permission to share examples of strong assessment practices with the WSU community.

Why does the undergraduate assessment report form change from year to year?

ATL makes improvements to the report form, as needed, in order to streamline the reporting process, to meet evolving needs at WSU. Please contact us to give input.

Who can undergraduate programs contact with questions about writing or submitting annual assessment reports?

For help, contact the designated ATL assessment specialist for each college/area or the ATL general email ( or phone (509-335-1355).

Who should receive a copy of a program’s annual report?

Each WSU undergraduate degree program reports annually on assessment, submitting a report to ATL. The assessment coordinator and department chair should have access to the program report, and programs should also store the report in the program’s assessment archive. Additionally, programs should share a copy of the annual report with their associate dean, and programs offering degrees on more than one campus should also provide the annual report to each of their campus contacts.

When are annual undergraduate assessment report due?

Annual reports are due each year on June 1st.

How was the annual assessment report due date chosen?

Faculty members offered feedback that the reporting due date be at the end of the spring semester. Reports are “snapshots” of the programs’ current assessment processes, and do not require that programs be in any particular phase of assessment to be reported. For example, if a program has assessment data but has not yet analyzed it, the report can simply report that fact. There is no requirement that the analysis be completed before the report is submitted. If a program analyzes data immediately following the report due date, they should report that analysis on the next year’s report.