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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Resources for Course Evaluations

WSU Course Evaluation Guides and Tips

Student feedback can provide valuable insight about the student experience that contributes to effective teaching and learning. The guides and tip sheets below have been created by ATL staff to assist WSU faculty with key issues related to course evaluations (course feedback forms).

For information about the transition to the eXplorance Blue system and resources related to accessing course evaluations in Blue, see Blue Resources.

Course Evaluation Toolkit

Compiled by the ATL staff, the toolkit below includes collected research on course evaluations (course feedback forms).

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*Literature ReviewBenton, S; Cashin, WStudent Ratings of Teaching: A Summary of Research and Literature (IDEA Center, 2012)PDF
Instrument DevelopmentSkowronek, J; Frieson, B; Masonjones, HDeveloping a Statistically Valid and Practically Useful Student Evaluation Instrument (2011)PDF
*Recommended Overview
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