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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations (Course Feedback Forms)

Student feedback can provide valuable insight about the student experience that contributes to effective teaching and learning. Since 2014, WSU has been moving to the online course evaluation system eXplorance Blue. As of AY 2017-18, all course evaluations will be delivered using eXplorance Blue.

For information, see:

Who Do I Contact About Course Evaluations (Course Feedback Forms) at WSU?

College Course Evaluation Coordinators

At WSU, colleges determine the feedback form for the courses they offer, the dates it is available, and other logistics. Instructors should contact their department or their college coordinator with questions about how course feedback forms will be delivered in their classes.

Enterprise Systems Group (ESG)

Contact for all technical planning, implementation, help, training and questions about using Blue, including:

  • Setting up a course evaluation in your college
  • Generating reports from course evaluations in Blue
  • Checking response rates on live course evaluations
  • Faculty, staff and student help and customer support
  • Training for your college’s course evaluation coordinator
  • Training on use of Blue or education about Blue features for faculty, students, staff
  • Rollout over time of new features


Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL)

Contact for consultation on course evaluation questions, policies, and interpretation of results and reports, including:

  • Designing or refining course evaluation question sets in your college
  • Interpreting results
  • Developing design of reports for instructors, chairs, and programs
  • Developing college-level policies and protocols
  • Using some results as part of program-level assessment (of curricular effectiveness, student engagement, etc.)
  • Analyzing response rates