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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Capstone Resources

Capstone Resources

Other Tools and Resources for Capstone Experiences

Capstone Checklist

The degree program has:


Example of Aligning Assessment Data with Learning Outcomes,
Including Capstone Project Results

(From Assessment Clear and Simple, B. Walvoord, p. 68)

Other Resources

Capstone Courses Prepare Students for Transition to Working World. (Kelly, 2009).
This article provides a short list of what the developmental goals of capstone courses should be. “The special challenges involved in designing, presenting, and then assessing learning in these culminating courses should not be underestimated.”

Using Scholarly Research in Course Redesign: Teaching to Engage Students with Authentic Disciplinary Practices. (Ragland, 2008).
This article talks about redesigning a capstone course to better identify and communicate the nature of real-world practice of the discipline.

Preparing the Senior or Graduating Student for Graduate Research. (Tang & Gan, 2005).
This article talks about how to design a capstone course to prepare undergraduate students for graduate-level scientific research.


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