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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Assignment Design

Assignment Design Resources

Assignment Design Toolkit

Below are resources that may be useful to faculty and programs as they create or revise their assignments. The resources include the following topics:

  • Assignment Design
  • Integrative Learning Assignments
  • Capstone Course Assignments
  • Assignment Review / Charrette (Feedback Process)
  • Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP)
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AllHutchings, P.Designing Senior-level Culminating Assignments that Help Students Integrate their LearningPowerPoint slides from the May 2016 workshop
Integrative Learning AssignmentsAAC&U / CarnegieStatement on Integrative LearningResource that points out, "Integrative learning comes in many varieties"
Integrative Learning AssignmentsAAC&UIntegrative and Applied VALUE RubricRubric developed and validated by faculty nation-wide
Integrative Learning AssignmentsWashington Center at The Evergreen State CollegeAssessing Integrative Learning WebpageWebpage with an excellent list of resources about assessing integrative learning
Integrative Learning AssignmentsHuber, M. T. & Hutchings, P.Integrative Learning: Mapping the TerrainResource that explores the challenges to integrative learning today as well as its longer tradition and rationale within a vision of liberal education
Integrative Learning AssignmentsBean, J. C.Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrative Writing, Critical Thinking and Active Learning in the ClassroomBook about designing interest-provoking writing and critical thinking activities and incorporating them into courses
*Available for loan from ATL
Capstone Course AssignmentsHauhart, R. C. & Grahe, J. E.Designing and Teaching Undergraduate Capstone Courses Book that covers the design, administration, and teaching of capstone courses
*Available for loan from ATL
Capstone Course AssignmentsLee, N. & Loton, D. J.Capstone Curriculum WebsiteWebsite featuring an Australian study of capstone curriculum across disciplines
Capstone Course AssignmentsATL - WSUCapstone Resources WebpageWebpage with information about designing and assessing capstone experiences
Assignment DesignAnderson, P., et al.The Contributions of Writing to Learning and DevelopmentArticle that examines writing's relationship to learning and development
Assignment DesignBarkley, E. F. & Major C. H.Learning Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College FacultyBook that provides 50 active learning techniques that gauge student learning across academic disciplines and learning environments
*Available for loan from ATL
Assignment DesignHutchings, P.Aligning Educational Outcomes and PracticesPaper that discusses alignment of learning outcomes and provides examples
Assignment DesignMelzer, D.Assignments Across the Curriculum: A National Study of College WritingBook presenting the results of a study of 2,101 assignments from undergraduate courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, business, and humanities
Assignment DesignWinkelmes, M., et al.A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved College Students’ SuccessArticle that describes a national study related to transparency around academic assignments and students’ success -- especially that of underserved students
Assignment DesignWinkelmes, M., et al.Benefits of Transparent Assignment DesignArticle that describes a national study related to transparency around academic assignments and students’ success
Assignment Design; Assignment CharretteHutchings, P., et al.Catalyzing Assignment Design Activity on your CampusResource from the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) that discusses what is being learned from the Assignment Library initiative
Assignment Design; Assignment CharretteNILOAOrganizing Assignment Design Work on Your CampusToolkit of resources and materials
Assignment CharretteHutchings, P.Assignment-Design Charrette Process HandoutWorkshop handout with a step-by-step description of the charrette process
Assignment CharretteHutchings, P.Reflective Memo Instructions HandoutWorkshop handout with instructions for writing the reflective memo
Assignment CharretteHutchings, P.Assignment-Design Charrette Assignment Feedback FormWorkshop handout with questions designed to help provide assignment feedback
Assignment Charrette; Degree Qualifications ProfileNILOAAssignment Design: Questions for Reflection and ConversationResource with a list of questions related to reviewing and discussing assignments
Assignment Charrette; Degree Qualifications ProfileNILOANILOA Assignment Library WebsiteSearchable online library of collegiate-level course assignments in a variety of disciplines that link to proficiencies in the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP)
Assignment Charrette; Degree Qualifications ProfileNILOANILOA Assignment Library -- Featured AssignmentsWedpage with featured Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) assignments from the NILOA Assignment Library
Degree Qualifications ProfileNILOADegree Qualifications Profile (DQP) WebsiteWebsite with information and resources related to the DQP, an ongoing effort to define what postsecondary degrees should mean in terms of specific learning outcomes
Degree Qualifications ProfileNILOADegree Qualifications Profile (DQP) Library HandoutWorkshop handout with an introduction to the DQP assignment library
Degree Qualifications ProfileBrown, J. L.Strategy Term Project - Business Analysis ReportSample Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) assignment
Degree Qualifications ProfileReynard, L.A Bridge from Course to Capstone: The Final Methods PaperSample Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) assignment
Degree Qualifications ProfileZack, M.Assessing Written Communication, Information Literacy and Oral CommunicationSample Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) assignment
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