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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Assessment Plans

Assessment Plan Toolkit

Below are resources that may be useful to departments and programs as they create or update their assessment plan and manage activities throughout the year. For more information about assessment plans at WSU, see Key Assessment Elements: Assessment Plans.

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Assessment PlanningWSU - ATLWhat to Include in an Assessment Plan Webpage that outlines content typically found in an assessment plan
Assessment PlanningWSU - ATL"No Frills" Approach to Planning Assessment of Student Learning in Undergraduate Degree Programs"No frills" approach to assessment planning, includes an outline for an assessment plan
Assessment PlanningWSU - ATLAssessment Planning Tips for Assessment CoordinatorsOverview of assessment planning for faculty assessment coordinators, including how to get started in assessment planning
Assessment Plan TemplateWSU - ATLATL-produced Assessment Plan TemplateWORD doc that serves as a generic assessment plan template for WSU programs, modifiable
Assessment Plan ExamplesWSU - ATLATL-produced Model Assessment Plan 1This basic ATL-produced WORD doc model assessment plan includes a brief narrative overview, a 2-semester calendar of assessment activities, and tables outlining current and previous year assessment measures/cycles
Assessment Plan ExamplesWSU - ATLATL-produced Model Assessment Plan 2This basic ATL-produced WORD doc model assessment plan is organized around investigating one or more questions related to program learning outcomes achievement
Assessment Plan ExamplesWSU - ATLWSU Assessment Plan ExamplesWebpage with a selected sample of assessment plans developed by WSU programs, representing different formats and disciplines
Assessment Activities TrackingWSU - ATLGuide/Crib Sheet for Program-level Assessment for Chairs and their Assessment CoordinatorsGuide/crib sheet with what to track during the academic year for program-level assessment for department chairs or school directors and their assessment coordinators
Assessment Activities TrackingWSU - ATLProgram Assessment Planning and Tracking Spreadsheet TemplateExcel template for managing assessment activities and deadlines, modifiable
Assessment RolesWSU - ATLSummary of Suggested Roles and ResponsibilitiesSummary of suggested roles and responsibilities for program-level assessment of student learning
Assessment ManagementSuskie, L.Finding TimeBlog post that suggests stepping back to plan can help faculty make the time to do meaningful assessment
Assessment ManagementSuskie, L.How to Assess Anything without Killing Yourself... Really!Blog post that offers tips on managing assessment activities
Assessment ManagementSuskie, L.What's a Good Schedule for Assessing Program Learning Outcomes?Blog post that provides advice on learning outcomes-aligned assessment and the importance of assessment plans
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