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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Assessment Measures and Methods

Assessment Measures and Methods Toolkit

Below are resources that may be useful to departments and programs as they choose, implement, and refine methods for assessing student learning. For more information about direct and indirect measures at WSU, see Key Assessment Elements: Direct Measures and Indirect Measures.

The resources below include the following assessment topics:

  • Choosing direct and indirect measures – Descriptions and examples of assessment methods used at the course, program, and institutional levels
  • Surveys – Using survey questions to reveal students’ experiences, motivation, or perceptions of learning and applying the results
  • Focus groups – Designing, implementing, and applying the results from student focus groups
  • Rubrics – Resources and examples that describe student learning outcomes at various degrees of achievement
  • Norming – Procedures for norming faculty evaluators of student work
  • Grades – Advantages and challenges of using grades for program-level assessment
  • Sampling – Considerations for selecting a sample when assessing an entire group of students is overly difficult or time consuming
  • Setting Standards – How standards provide context and help in the interpretation of assessment results
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Choosing MeasuresUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaChoose a Method to Collect Data or EvidenceWebpage with descriptions, examples, benefits, and challenges of direct and indirect assessment methods
Choosing MeasuresWright, B. D.Assessment Methods: A Close-Up LookResource with advantages and challenges of various direct measures and commentary on effective measures
Choosing MeasuresATL - WSUTypes of Direct Measures Used at WSUWebpage with examples of the types of direct measures used at WSU
Choosing MeasuresATL - WSUWSU Examples of Senior-level Direct MeasuresWebpage with selected examples of senior-level direct measures collected at WSU
Choosing MeasuresATL - WSUIndicators of Quality for Direct MeasuresWebpage listing indicators of quality for direct measures
Choosing MeasuresATL - WSUTypes of Indirect Measures Used at WSUWebpage with examples of the types of indirect measures used at WSU
Choosing MeasuresATL - WSUIndicators of Quality for Indirect MeasuresWebpage listing indicators of quality for indirect measures
SurveysATL - WSUUsing Surveys for Program Assessment at WSUWebpage with survey resources, descriptions of common foci for student surveys and selected WSU examples
SurveysATL - WSUSenior Exit Surveys-Examples of Types/Topics and UsesResource with descriptions of four common foci for senior exit surveys and some WSU examples
SurveysUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaDeveloping Learning-Assessment SurveysAn introduction to survey questions that reveal respondents’ perceptions of learning, information on using survey results to guide program development
SurveysUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaDesigning Effective SurveysAn introduction to the basics of survey design, from planning to question construction and layout
Focus GroupsATL - WSUUsing Focus Groups for Program Assessment at WSUWebpage with focus group resources, descriptions of common purposes for focus groups and selected WSU examples
Focus GroupsATL - WSUStudent Focus Groups for Program Assessment: Guidelines for ProgramsFocus group guidelines for programs
RubricsUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaUsing Rubrics in Program AssessmentResources and techniques related to collaborative adaptation of rubrics, rater training, inter-rater consistency check, and presenting rubric results
RubricsStanford UniversityRubric: ExampleGeneric rubric that describes student learning outcomes at different levels from "exemplary" to "unacceptable"
RubricsAssociation of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)VALUE RubricsDeveloped and validated by faculty nation-wide, the AAC&U VALUE rubrics address 16 skill areas and may be adapted for specific program needs; Contact ATL for information about adaptations by WSU programs
NormingATL - WSUQuick Guide to Norming on Student Work for Program-level AssessmentOffers a general approach for norming faculty who will be scoring student work for program-level assessment
GradesUniversity of IowaWhat are Students Learning at the University of Iowa?Advantages and challenges of the use of grades as a measure of program level student learning outcomes
SamplingATL - WSUSampling for Assessment: Strategies and TipsOffers sampling strategies and tips for determining sampling size with examples.
Setting StandardsUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaWhat's Good Enough? Setting StandardsAn introduction to how standards provide context and help in the interpretation of assessment results
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