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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning Assessment Data Analysis

Assessment Data Analysis Toolkit

Assessment data look at student performance in order to offer evidence about student learning in the curriculum, provide information about program strengths and weaknesses, and guide decision-making. Analyzing the data (in context) gives meaning to the information collected and is essential in order to appropriately utilize and communicate the assessment results. The resources below are intended to help faculty and programs summarize and display data collected about student learning as part of program assessment or as part of assessing a course. They assume some familiarity with basic data analysis and with the academic program of interest.

ATL is available to work with undergraduate programs to analyze and create visual displays of assessment data to engage faculty in discussions of assessment results, contact us for additional information.


  • While these resources provide techniques and examples for many types of data and situations, it is up to the user to determine what methods are appropriate for their specific needs and type of data.
  • Please contact ATL for assistance determining appropriate analysis methods or data collection practices for program assessment, or with other questions about using these resources.

Educational Research and Publication: While assessment utilizes many of the same qualitative and quantitative methodologies applied by traditional social science research, these resources are NOT designed for those who are interested in generating/publishing scholarly research from their assessment activities or findings. Please contact ATL if you have questions about distinguishing the data needs of program-level assessment and educational research, or about sharing results from assessment.

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Quantitative & Qualitative Data AnalysisUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaMaking Sense of Assessment DataHow to use meaningful questions to guide data analysis and practical techniques to summarize and synthesize assessment data that are numeric and text-based
Qualitative Data AnalysisATL - WSUAnalyzing Qualitative Data: Quick GuideThis guide is intended to be a quick reference to help get faculty started with analyzing qualitative data for assessment in academic programs or courses
Qualitative Data AnalysisUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaAnalysis of Open‐Ended Survey Responses – Where to Start?A step-by-step guide for tackling open-ended survey response analysis
Reporting ResultsATL - WSUReporting Assessment Results to External StakeholdersWebpage with tips and resources for effectively reporting assessment results to external stakeholders
Data StewardshipATL - WSUAssessment Data Stewardship: Tips for Academic ProgramsData stewardship tips for those collecting and managing degree program assessment data that align with WSU’s Executive Policy #8
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