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Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning About Us

From the Director:

Our office is here to support academic programs in developing assessment that guides faculty and leadership in making decisions to support effective teaching and learning. ATL collaborates with faculty, chairs, and administration to build connections across campuses and departments, and meet the changing needs in infrastructure, processes, policies and support. We want to provide you with best practice resources for your unique context and needs.

Our goal is to help teaching and learning thrive in all departments and campuses and ensure that useful and manageable program assessment serves that end.

We value your input and suggestions as we move ahead. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kimberly Green, Director, ATL


Kimberly Green.

About the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning (ATL)

The Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning works with colleges and academic programs on assessment of student learning to support quality programs and curricula.

We work with your college or undergraduate program to:

  • Develop and implement useful and manageable assessment systems, and analyze and interpret results.
  • Improve teaching and learning through developing best practices in assessment.
  • Design online course evaluations and surveys, and interpret results.
  • Meet assessment requirements for university accreditation.

We also:

  • Collect assessment resources for WSU colleges and programs, including best practices in learning outcomes assessment, analysis and interpretation of data, and faculty professional development.
  • Share information connecting assessment and effective teaching practices, and related resources at WSU.
  • Annually compile and synthesize undergraduate program assessment reports for college, campus, and institutional leadership, and to help satisfy WSU’s accreditation requirements (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities).
  • Facilitate discussion about use of data from program and institutional sources; and coordinate with faculty and leadership to refine assessment infrastructure and support to meet the evolving needs at WSU.
  • Support assessment of general education (UCORE).
  • Lead planning and implementation of WSU’s participation in the National Survey of Student Engagement (coordinating with Institutional Research).